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Digging Deeper

CCVLC Teachers/ Paolo Freire Posters“Digging Deeper” includes chapter-by-chapter lists that readers can consult if they want to dig more deeply into the chapter’s content. These lists identify scholars who are studying or working on practical applications of issues we raise, and some of the books and articles that readers might find interesting and useful. When applicable, lists also include professional organizations and activist groups working to make education policy or school practices more consistent with and supportive of socially just teaching. And when possible, we include resources that current and future teachers can use in their classrooms.

Use the navigation bar on the left to access "Digging Deeper" content for each of the book's chapters.

By placing these resources online, we hope to make them more accessible to readers, who can access them wherever they have the Internet, whether they have their book in hand or not. We also encourage readers to share these resources with colleagues and others interested in schooling and teaching; we have made the resources open-access in order to make that possible!

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